Meet Vera

Growing up by singing familiar Indonesian children's songs, Vera started her singing hobby at a very early age, since she attended Kindergarten. Her passion for music has been seen since Vera began to pursue classical piano when she was 7 years old. Although her piano lesson had stalled for several years due to economic difficulties and uncertain national security after the riots of 1998, did not stop her enthusiasm in music. Her passion in vocal skill begun when Vera was joining choir extracurricular in Santa Maria junior high school, under the care of Yoseph Chang. Vera learned to listen to the vocal harmonization and seriosa songs that guided her into a soprano today.

Her Journey

Her journey in music is not as smooth as she dreamed, because of some obstacles faced both from economic pressures and opposition from some family parties. But with the support of her late mother, Vera completed her accounting degree by keep struggling to learn piano classics, music theory, and especially vocal skill, by attending the ABRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music) certification and always graduates with High Distinction score. Under the care of Hans Huang, Vera was selected to performed in the ABRSM High Scorer Concert 3 years in a row as a participant with the highest national vocal examination score at grade 6-8, and also practiced to perform as a 'solo performer' by recognizing various repertoire of songs such as Aria, Lieder, Classical, and also Contemporary songs, which also leads Vera to have passion in jazz songs and especially Broadway Musicals.

Her Loves for Indonesia

Vera was born and raised in Indonesia, with the touch of Tiong Hoa cultural customs. Vera has a great concern and love for her homeland. She loves Indonesian cultures, songs, and also the diversities. With a simple purpose of preserving Indonesian songs, in each of her performance she always bring up some traditional or famous Indonesian songs with fresh style and arrangements touch for younger generations to enjoy



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